During the summer of 2021, Bionic System Solutions had a collaboration with VCS Denmark in Odense on data collection that was to be sent from underground to above ground. The project, called ”Odense Modellen”, was a collaboration supported by the EU’s regional fund.

The challenge
In connection with the project ”Odense Modellen”, both Odense Municipality and VCS Denmark wanted to investigate the possibilities of gaining an overview of the dynamics of water in the total water cycle. Odense Municipality has focused on data collection from streams, while the focus from VCS Denmark’s point of view was to get data from sewers and wells. Odense Municipality had purchased standard equipment to collect data that could collect data from the streams. VCS Denmark wanted to test whether this standard equipment could be used underground in sewers and road wells. It turned out that the LPWAN technology that the equipment used was not robust enough, and they now had a system that could not be used everywhere in the area around Odense. Therefore it was decided to contact BSS.

The solution
BSS’s primary area of responsibility in the project was to investigate LPWAN technologies and spar with the parties involved concerning the choice of technology, design of antennas as well as the development and choice of LPWAN module in general. Secondly, BSS was to contribute expertise in IoT, technical evaluation of sensors, and the development of prototypes and test applications, to the extent necessary.
To ensure stable data collection, it was necessary to test the robustness of various LPWAN technologies in the area around Odense to find the technology that was best for VCS Denmark at that time, but also in the long run.

The collaboration
VCS Denmark entered into a collaboration with Bionic System Solutions, where BSS tested the network for various LPWAN technologies in Odense based on their signal strength sensors. BSS also had a product ready to collect data, with the optimal LPWAN technology. In this way, VCS Denmark received the necessary information to replace and expand their data collection.

At Bionic System Solutions, we thank you for your cooperation
and the confidence that has been shown to us that we could solve the task.

Worker in a helmet descends into a cable well.
Little boy drinking tap water. Little boy aged 8 is drinking tap water in kitchen

“In connection with “Odense Modellen” project, VCS Denmark needed to clarify whether a standard solution for measuring equipment can be used on a large scale for sewer lines and road wells.
We needed professional and knowledgeable advice from someone who knows more about that kind of equipment than I do as a project manager. We got that at BSS! I was greeted by committed specialists who understood our needs and gave an honest statement for how the system will perform in our sewer systems.
For VCS Denmark, this meant that we did not purchase the otherwise considered sensors,
but decided to follow the development of sensors a little more closely before considering large-scale procurement again. The experiences that BSS passed on to us have contributed to other project work between VCS Denmark and BSS. ”

Nana Sofia Benthien, Specialist, biologist, VCS Denmark