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Lizard360 UAV surveillance

Lizard360 makes it possible to detect drones and other objects with the use of passive and active sound source localization, within certain limits.  The solution has been developed in close collaboration with the Danish defense and the University of Southern Denmark. It is an innovative sensor for localization and control of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), e.g., drones.

The Lizard360 is a new and groundbreaking state-of-the-art counter UAV device that detects UAVs via sound waves and can be used for 360-degree surveillance of the airspace of up to 125 meters, which provides a safety zone of approx. 50,000 m2.

The use of Lizard360 will have several types of applications in both military contexts such as counter-terrorism, but also in safety security surveillance of airspace, prisons, borders, bridges, and a list of potential critical areas. Areas of high interest for future added protection will be surveilling of socially critical supplies such as electricity, gas, water and heat supply as well as communication, where for various reasons you do not want overflights.

Lizard 360 is a flexible, easy to install and low price solution, giving a high improved surveillance effect as standalone or aligned to other surveillance solutions.

Product description

Lizard360 is a counter UAV device that detects UAVs by sound waves and alarms upon detection of an UAV in the surrounding area.

The 8 channel directional microphone is designed for maximum attenuation from noise near the ground, with minimum compromise in open-air.

The device works independently and alarms through several options:

    • IO-cable signal
    • API
    • LED-blink
    • Wireless technologies
    • ARM32 architecture
    • ARM Cortex-M4 64 MHz MCU
    • 8 analog channels, up to 16 kHz simultaneous sampling
8x BSS custom fabricated microphone
    • -42 dB sensitivity at 1 kHz 1 Pa
    • 70 dBA Signal-noise-ratio
    • 0.1-20 kHz frequency range




Prohibited military zones


Power plants and refineries


Mobile surveillance

Restricted areas