Security above all

Over a period of time, Bionic System Solutions has collaborated with the Danish company KNUD E. HANSEN, which is one of the world leaders in the design, construction, and rebuilding processes of all types of ship vessels and offshore constructions. A collaboration whose solution, in the long run, can help to increase the general safety on board.

The challenge
In the maritime industry, there is a general need to be able to predict faults or breakdowns. Sudden accidents due to engine components, which are essential for the ship’s operation, have far-reaching consequences for the shipping company, with delays and large costs as a result. But another and even more important factor is safety on board. Faults or breakdowns are always associated with an increased safety risk, which is desired to be limited as much as possible. By introducing predictable maintenance and troubleshooting onboard the ships, one will be able to lower operating costs and reduce the risk of sudden mechanical problems with e.g. rotating machine components.

The solution
The overall goal of the project was to provide a new, robust and simple solution for efficient condition monitoring of rotating machine components on ships as well as early alarm in the event of a possible breakdown. The ability to react early and accurately before a breakdown occurs on a ship would lead to a basic optimization of the operating environment. Through this data detection and learning of normal patterns, we will be able to provide a warning as well as identification of the importance, leading to the possibility of timely action. With this information, the ship crew can react early and accurately to deviating performance, and from the measurements identify the fault. Through increased focus on predictable maintenance, efforts are directed towards continuous improvements which further lead to better performance and more operating hours. The solution will work locally on a ship and globally through a cloud solution.

The collaboration
The collaboration between KNUD E. HANSEN and Bionic System Solutions has been very important for the project’s opportunity for success. Through their continuous innovative approach and their more than 80 years of presence, KNUD E. HANSEN has contributed with experience and knowledge within the maritime industry. And together with the technological knowledge and the competencies found in Bionic System Solutions, the parties are very much looking forward to being able to present the finished product, which they aspire to achieve as a cutting edge technology for the maritime industry.

At Bionic System Solutions, we thank you for your cooperation
and look forward to the final phase of the project and its results.

Women, One Woman Only, Liner, Driving, Nautical Vessel
The 2nd Engineer on board an Offshore Oil Platform Supply Vessel (PSV) in the North Sea, in the process of changing a fuel injector.

“By utilizing the new possibilities that AI and Machine learning potentially have, in association with monitoring the state of machinery onboard the ships, we see a new opportunity to cover a great need. This can be achieved, by the shipping companies, by using a better tool to uncover the extent and thus understand the whole picture of the situation, to be able to extend overhaul intervals and identify problems in an early stage.”